ZAC POSEN Atelier Tour and Resort 2017 sneak peak!

This week I got a overwhelming amount questions, comments and curiosity about my trip. No people! It’s was not fashion week in New York. No! I didn’t give my credit card a workout. (Well, maybe just a tad.) But an amazing opportunity did come my way: I got to collaborate with my favorite international New York designer, ZAC POSEN! This has been highly anticipated for me ever since discussions for this collaboration have been in the works.

I got to visit the NYC headquarters, received a private tour of the Zac Posen atelier AND got an exclusive sneak peek of the never before seen resort 2017 collection. Here I thought sitting front row at his last fashion show last season was memorable… This was unlike any fashion show I’ve ever attended! This was surreal for me. THIS! WAS! REAL! FASHION! We’re talking walls filled with luxury fabrics, silver hand irons and even those giant steel fabric cutting scissors that you see only see on TV. But this wasn’t TV, This was the real deal. I got to witness couture being made right in front of my eyes! I even got meet Michelle Obama…Well, sort of. I met her custom Judy mannequin. Judy’s dimensions match Michelle Obama’s, they use her to help in making bespoke dresses and gowns for the former first lady of the United States.

What made this experience that much more enjoyable for me was the fact that the large majority of fashion lovers that live and breath couture (like myself), will only ever see the final product of fashion in retail shops… But I got to witness all the production stages. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to document this as they were putting together the resort 2017 collection and this had to remain confidential. But thankfully, photos were permitted in the showroom, here I got an up-close look at all of the pieces from current and past runway collections.

Thank you so much Simon, Leigh and Zac for this amazing opportunity.

See you at NYFW!