VERSACE Spring/Summer 2021 Ready-to-Wear : Clothing for life after lockdown

2020 has definitely been “one of those years” for everyone… Being locked indoors for months on end the inevitable depression, anxiety and all around uncertainty have put a mental strain on everyone! 

I definitely felt like I needed a “reset” to get motivated again after lockdown was over…Unlike most people who go on a beach vacation for a refresher… I go to Fashion Week!

Sadly – My dreams of wearing a new fabulous outfit and sitting front row probably isn’t going to happen for a very long time…SOOOOO – I decided to take the virtual approach for this season. Definitely not the same – But still managed to catch all my favourite designers showcase their collections for the S/S 2021 season!

Versace is my favourite show on the fashion month calendar . Obviously – I was super excited to see this seasons collection. Even thought – I’m typically not a fan of Versace’s Spring/Summer fashion shows. THIS YEAR WAS NOOOOOO JOKE! 

The show took place in the underwater in the lost city of Atlantis, and was inspired by Gianni Versace’s ‘trésor de la mer’ collection for Spring 1992. Having only seen people rocking athleisure for the last couple of months, my jaw literally dropped when I saw the collection of long gowns, bright colour and SPARKLE that encompasses the house of Versace. Giving the world something to look-forward to hopefully to get dressed up and be fabulous again – Hopefully by spring/summer 2021 so we can wear these pieces? Only time will tell! 

Until next time,