Red flag or Red Scarf?

Red flag or a red scarf? well, unfortunately, I’m not taking about my red cashmere Louis Vuitton Logomania scarf (That I’ve been OBESSESING over recently). I’m actually talking about a social red flag, when somebody tells you that you aren’t allowed to do something you want or love.

Prime example, Mean Girls the movie, who remembers when  Gretchen wasn’t allowed to wear her “really expensive white gold hoops” she got for Hanukkah ? Regina said she can’t copy because it was “her thing” and Gretchen was obedient. Well, I experienced a similar situation…

I’ve always been a person that is very ambitious and always looking for new challenges to take over. After doing my first Mikael D haute couture event in April 2016 for CAFA, I decided, I wanted to make an Instagram account to post all my clients rocking their dresses as a public styling portfolio.

A friend of mine, that is currently still struggling to be a full time stylist, made me feel terrible about my choice to post picture of my clients on Instagram. This also made me feel terrible about my potential new venture into styling. I decided to no longer use that account, and focus on my blog instead. I didn’t really mind letting go of the idea at the time, as I truly never really had intentions of being a stylist, but only decided to make a  insta portfolio to keep my options open in the fashion industry.

Now looking back… this deserves a finger twirl and an a sassy “EXC– USEE ME.” You cannot and will not make everyone happy. Do what you love or aspire to do! Don’t let anyone close a door of opportunity for you because they are insecure that you will be better than them.  Amazing opportunities can  and will come your way! Don’t block them out for anybody, or feel bad for elevating yourself.

Can you imagine if a  blogger friend of mine said to me “you can’t be a blogger, because it’s my thing” and I actually listened to them? Do you know how many  life changing experinces I would have missed…and how many friends I wouldn’t have met ? Hundreds of opportunities and friendships would have gone unfulfilled.  Heck. You wouldn’t even be reading this post right now.

All that being said, I decided to keep my options open @stylebytuxedosergio is now active again. Who knows, if this styling will ever take me anywhere…But at least, I know the option is still within reach, and I can rest at night knowing that if I do ever decide to drop this account, that is was done on my own terms.

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