36 Hours In New York City – #DOMINICKNYFW

New York is the city that never sleeps, Not sleeping is actually quite common if you have ever planned a international fashion week like NYFW. Considering the fact that I’ve done 4 fashion weeks in NYC now, staying at a convenient and reliable hotel is an absolute must to ensure your fashion week is stress free and #FABULOUS! 

SOHO is my absolute favourite neighbourhood in NYC. Affordable and high-end boutiques, fancy chain stores and high-end art galleries. This area caters to all demographics and the cobblestone streets and cast-iron facades will take your heart away! Naturally, The Dominick hotel in Soho is the only place I recommend staying at during NYFW.  

The Dominick hotel Is less than 3 min walking distance from all my NYFW favourites including Bens Pizza, La Durée Soho, Chipriani Downtown and of course the Chanel and Alexander Wang boutiques. Keeping in mind, A majority of the fashion week shows do take place at Spring Studios, which is also right down the street from the Dominick Hotel. You save yourself a ton of time and stress not being stuck in traffic trying to make it to your shows. But if you happen to have a show uptown or in another area. I recommend hopping onto the subway at Spring studios which based on my experience has been more reliable than NYC Taxis.

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Until next time NYC! 


Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer First Impression in Miami! – Tuxedosergio

The Dyson Supersonic hair device has been generating a ton of buzz in the local and the international beauty community for months now. Considering the fact that there hasn’t been any significant innovations in hair dryers in almost 100 years. I’m excited to see that Dyson is taking initiative in this department and leading the way for more innovative hair care devices. 

I recently got my hands on the new limited edition Black/Nickel Supersonic device just in time for a upcoming trip to Miami. I typically do not travel with a blowdryer as they tend to be too heavy and a waste of space. But considering the fact that this device is compact, and about half the weight of the average blowdryer. I decided to bring the device with me during my escapades in the sunshine state. 

If you are using a blow dryer regularly like myself, this device might be a bit strange to use at first. The weight of the device is concentrated in the handle and not the head. I’m happy to announce that my weight training regimen has finally been separated from my hair grooming routine. The device also has a powerful yet controlled airflow, which SIGNIFICANTLY cut my drying when I was getting ready to hit the town. In addition, my hair has been bleached several times making me very cautious of further damaging my hair with heat tool. With that being said, I’m happy to inform you that this device is temperature controlled which helps prevent unwanted damage of your precious locks (Yay)!

I was most impressed with how quite the device actually was! I was sharing a suite in Miami with two of my best-friends who are light sleepers and the blow drying did not disturb them. You also do not need to scream over the blow dryer to be heard which is another huge plus for me because I cannot seem to keep my mouth shut 😉 

All and all, I highly recommend this device. The device comes with 3 different attachments to help you create any look you desire, and If you blow-dry your hair regularly or are in the market to upgrade your hairdryer it will cut you damage and drying time significantly. 

I’m looking forward to see what innovations Dyson comes up with next! 

Until next time, 


My top 5 – Miami Swim Fashion Week Must Haves!

I recently just got back from a much needed trip in South Beach, Miami! I typically can only go a few days in a different city before driving myself absolutely crazy. But for the first time, I really did not want to go back home to Toronto.  I love Miami so much!

It was my first time attending  Miami Swim Fashion Week which was so much fun! Miami is a city for Relaxing, shopping and partying. But adding fashion to the mix really brings the city to another level of #FABULOUS! Unlike my Muskoka trip last summer, I definitely felt like I was well prepared for this trip.

Here are my top 5 tips must haves for Miami Swim Fashion Week –

#1 – Get a Spray Tan!

Pasty skin is a big no no if you are heading to a tropical or  subtropical destination like Miami. Even if you aren’t planning on hitting the beach or the pool during your next trip to the sunshine state. You probably will still be showing off some sort of skin off… The health risks of tanning and sun-beds are really not worth the long term damage. I recommend doing a spray tan the day before your trip for that perfect sun kissed glow as soon as you get off the plane. I’ve been absolutely loving @Tanontherun recently. I got my spray tan done almost two weeks ago and even after multiple showers and pool days I still look tanned. They are seriously the best! Here is a link if you were interested in trying out their service http://www.tanontherun.com

#2 – Wear A Great Statement Bag!

Miami is extremely hot! Leaving little room for leather, fur jackets or any accessories that aren’t absolutely essential. I tend to keep my outfits in Miami as simple as possible and make my  fashion statements in accessories. You can never go wrong with a timeless high quality designer bag. But you also don’t need to break the bank to get your hands on your dream bag. I recently snatched two bags from Haute Classics for my trip. One being a beautiful Fendi Peekaboo bag in almost perfect condition for almost %50 retail! I definitely recommend checking them out if you are in the market for a new designer piece. Follow them on Instagram @hauteclassics.

#3 – Fun Footwear!

Staying on the topic of accessories, I love how trend slides have become recently…However, finding the perfect pair (That won’t break the bank) is difficult. I am a true ride or die @M.A.Skinz fur slides junkie, I proudly own 5 pairs and wear them almost every day. They go for $190CND (Currently on sale for $130) a pop which is unreal considering they are fox fur slides that are made in Canada.  Check them out here https://maskinz.com/product/black-fox-fur-slide/ and take advantage before the sale ends.

#4 – Fashionable Eyewear!

Sunglasses are not only stylish. But they protect your eyes! I’ve literally destroyed so many pairs of designer sunglasses that I’ve honestly lost count. Thankfully, I stumbled across @MarsQuest sunglasses and was shocked to have found $600 quality sunless for less than 100$ each! Check them out! https://www.marsquest.co/pages/marsquest-collections

#5 – Have Fun And Don’t Overwhelm Yourself!

Fashion weeks can jam pack your days running between shows and events nonstop! Make sure to book some time off to enjoy the sun and have  a nice cocktail(Or many!) You deserve it!

Until next time Miami,