NYC Diaries – RUDE Celebritys, Stolen Hermes Scarfs & Carrie Bradshaw

IM BACK!!! My first NYFW was such an amazing experience and as with any trip, I wanted to share my highs and lows of my time in the big city. Obviously the Zac Posen show was unforgettable (heres is the link ) …But I also wanted to share some of my crazy experiences in the big apple with my fav Toronto ladies.

K…My first night in Manhattan…I LOST my green Hermes scarf !!!! I only noticed when I was leaving LAVO on Madison and E 58th street….I don’t know if it was the yummy food or the prosecco (Seriously the tuna tartar and truffle gnocchi are to die!!) … But for some reason, I didn’t care that it went missing until now wahhhh. If anyone finds it, please let me know.  I’m thinking maby @Upcloseandstylish snached it from me when I ran into her entering The Metropolitan Club… gurlll I’m watching you.

On a happier note, Day 2 was beyond! Beyond! Definitely the best day of my trip! It started with off with a private tour of the FIT uniformity exhibit with my friends Ainsley Kerr and Kara Alloway. If you are a fashion lover… I highly recommend everyone check out this exhibit as is showcases the evolution of the workforces influences on the fashion industry by showcasing one of a kind designer runway pieces from luxury labels like Chanel, Marc Jacobs and Dior’s archives.

Once our tour ended, We then headed to see our friend Carrie Bradshaw’s house on 66 Perry Street. If you are a Sex and the city lover at all…this is a must for you to visit while in NYC. YOU WILL DIE!! All the years of Carrie Bradshaw prancing around the city of NYC in her Monolo’s crompressed into one landmark. Trust me… We were all gagging of joy! But after our multiple selfies and outfit pictures…

We said bye bye to  our friend Carrie, We hopped into a yellow cab and headed to a members only club for lunch know as The Core club on 66 E 55th street. If  your ass isn’t a member you aren’t getting in…unless you have a fabulous friend like Ainsley Kerr. Thanks so much Ainsley!! <3 There’s a reason why this place is a members only, because the food is beyond! I can only imagine how busy it would be otherwise. Lunch consisted of a few Aperol spritzers, fresh sashimi and mac and cheese then our little Toronto trio in New York parted ways as we did some shopping of 5th and Madison Avenue and prepped ourselves for the Zac Posen Spring summer 2017 show.

After the amazing show, we headed to Omen restaurant, or as I like to call it now Uman because we were seated beside actress Uma Thurman. I don’t know if it was all the sake that she drank that made her moody. But she was single headedly the rudest individual I have ever met. As my ghetto persona would say…. #BYEBONQUISHA and no more Uma Thurman movies!!

My last day in NYC Started off with a 5am wakeup call for breakfast with my blogging buddy Aquila from @mschurchdress I typically hate tourist attraction… but i decided Time Square wasn’t so bad at 6am. I’m so glad we decided to have breakfast at evergreen in times square. It was seriously… the perfect way to end this perfect trip.

See you in February NYC! 

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