My Experience with Dr. Jennifer Pearlman – PearlMD Rejuvenation

This month, I’ve FINALLY had a chance to re-visit my skincare goddess Dr. Jennifer Pearlman from PearlMD. Not only is she my personal self-proclaimed skin care goddess who helped clear my acne and scaring with personalized chemical peels and laser therapy… But, she also the queen of flawless and natural injections and has built a strong reputation in the industry. I have never injected a needle in my face… I’m only 20 years old for gods sakes! There’s no need (or desire) to start pumping Botox everywhere just yet. But I have NEVER been against the idea of enhancing your insecurities.

One of my insecurities was my upper lip. The actual size wasn’t the issue for me, It’s the drastic different in size that bothered me. My bottom lip was huge in comparison to the top. I contemplated and contemplated fixing this many times, But hesitated, there are so many lip injection horror story online and in the press.. I just avoided the idea all together.

But this month i decided to bite the bullet and finally fix what has bothered me for years! Dr.Pearlman has built an amazing reputation in the city, and I knew she would do an amazing good job considering how amazing my acne skin results turned out. No, She won’t be turning you into a copy of your favourite celebrity. But what she will do, is find a customize treatment to enhance your appearance naturally. 

There was ZERO pain, no bruising or swelling and the best part about it. They look so natural nobody has noticed a difference.. But the difference is  day-night to me! I”M SO HAPPY!!! YEARS AND YEARS of being insecure about my thing upper lip, now put to rest. I’m so grateful for Dr.Pearlman. She is truly the best of the best and trust her with my life. After all, she is a highly qualified medical doctor with actually experience in performing cosmetic injections. There are so many non-doctor clinics out there it’s good to know there is a doctor on site, in charge and performing the treatments.

Don’t be afraid to Contact for inquires about the clinic and for more details about the invasive and non-invasive procedure they provide. You can also check out her website out at for more detail!

Don’t forget to tell her Sergio sent you!!

I’m seriously ecstatic and so happy with the result. 

Until next time.

– Sergio 

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