My Current Favorites

  1. CHANEL blue cologne – ($95 – $129)  Surprise..Surprise… this fragrance  obviously made my favorites list. Not only was it on my “Christmas luxury gift guide” as one of my must haves. But I got another bottle in my Christmas stocking this season. YASSS. Double the Chanel ? Why the heck not!
  2. Hermes Kelly double tour – ($620) FINALLY. After months and months of contemplation…I finally decided on the type of hardware I wanted on my kelly bracelet. This was such a difficult decision for me as I am somebody who wear both gold and silver on a regular basis. I decided that I would go with gold and I do not regret it one bit. It’s my favorite addition to my arm candy collection this year.
  3. Hermes 32 mm belt kit – ($885) Yes. I know I know. I went a little insane this month…HOWEVER, I don’t regret this purchase at all. I decided to purchase the two toned leather H belt. I “justified” this purchase as it is a 2 in 1 belt. (You can wear it both on the brown and black side.) So basically…I got two belts for the price of one. YASSSS. All my other belts in my collection have silver hardware. Not only was this a practical purchase, But a smart one! A belt with a gold buckle is a fashion staple.
  4. MIKHAEL KALE pearl sweater – ($195) This month Mikhael Kale hosted a private holiday sale at the Shangri-La hotel. Kale being one of my favorite designers in the city, I knew I had to go! Knowing he was a womanswear designer, I went there only went for support. Until… I saw that he and his famous KALE sweaters hanging on the rack. I knew I HAD to get one for myself! Only his staff, RIRI & himself had access to them. Lets be real for just one second. Even RIRI sweater isn’t as nice as mine. #PleaseBeJealous   

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