My Current Favorites – May 2016

These are my top 5 favorite items that I acquire or re-discovered in the month of May AKA my birthday month. YAY! This is a new series that I’ve started so let me know what you guys think about it in the comment. First and foremost, I’ve been absolutely obsessed with my late birthday gift …My first  Louis Vuitton pettie malle trunk… Holy DAM! It came with a hefty price tag… But this has been my absolute favorite item this month and I will have this in my collection forever. I saw this for the first time back in 2014 and thought it was so ugly. But times have changed and I actually really enjoy the look of this trunk. The monogram makes it varsity, Casual to dress dharling! 

In terms of accessories,  I’ve also been reaching for my two favorite statement pieces in my collection. This gold Versace necklace that I recently re-discover lost deep in my collection of stuff and this beautiful Swarovski crystal Chanel brooch that I’ve have been adding to my jackets for a pop of BLING! YASS

But on a more serious note….Having had a horrible hair disaster with two rounds of 40 Vol bleach at a salon that shall remain nameless…My hair has been EXTREAMLYYYY damaged. A close friend of mine   gave me the L’Oreal Pro fiber line for very damaged hair duo to try out once I told her my traumatic story.. AND IT WORKED!!! My hair is almost back to the same condition prior to having it burnt to t nice turkey dinner crisp.  

I also wanted to include something affordable for once. Yes, I see the eye rolls already… But as much as you want to bash me…I love myself some Zara and find them to be a very good affordable way take your style to the next level without breaking the bank. This Zara military jacket in army green has been my go to this month. I absolutely love it! For those following fashion for a while, you would know military jackets OJ’s of jackets. I think they have been forgotten with this whole bomber jacket trend. Affordable and high quality!  I highly recommend you check them out.