I tired BELKYRA, The Injection That Melts a Double Chin – Tuxedosergio

Imagine getting rid of your double chin without having to get any incisions, stitches or scars? YES people! No need for neck lipo. Belkyra (know as Kybella in America) is a revolutionary innovation in aesthetic medicine that works to treat the “submental fat” the fat pocket under the chin with a series of injections to dissolve the fat with little risk and downtime. Depending on your desired outcome, you might need 1-3 sessions for this treat. I personally saw such great results from my first treatment. I decided to do a second round of Belkyra to get rid of the remaining fat. 

I did my treatment with nurse Leah (@beautybar_nurse) at Toronto’s #1 Beauty and medispa Beauty Bar Medical Clinics. I highly recommend you check both of them out for any cosmetic treatment! They have 4 locations in the Toronto and a flagship location in Los Angeles! If you are interested you can DM Leah or call 416.929.2826 to book your appointment. But don’t forget to let them know I referred you! 

Stay tuned for the final results! 

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