I Heard Rolex Makes Nice Watches – Boutique Launch

T’was an eventful past week, So much interesting stuff has happened! I had the opportunity to attend Eastern Canada’s first ever standalone Rolex boutique launch party at Square One Shopping Centre. Raffi Jeweller’s spared no expense, they rolled out a massive red carpet and the evening supplied endless champagne, foie gras, caviar and most importantly swiss chocolate coverd strawberries!!

Perfect timing literally, as I have been recently OBSESSED with my gold Rolex day-date I got for my high school graduation in 2014. It’s such a beautiful watch …I just never used to wear it. However, I have fallen back in-love with the Gold-on-Gold look, and I’m absolutely obsessed ever since i got my gold love Cartier bracelets. I feel like Sergio the prince of Arabia again with all the gold.

The thing is, I usually only wear silver jewellery, hence why i gravitate to my other silver watches instead, and i kept this timepiece in the safety deposit box with the others. Yes, you heard that right Safety Deposit Box! You will be disappointed if you where planing to and rob my watch collection anytime soon.

But ever since the ribbon cutting. I’ve have been lusting to add a new watch too my collection,  The yellow gold Cosmography Daytona with Forest Green Face is my new love. I’m absolutely obsessed! Definitely putting this on my wishlist for my university graduation next year (Sorry not sorry Mom and Dad). 

Thank you Rolex for such a fun night! 

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