HERMÈS Spring/Summer 2017 | Paris Prêt-à-porter Homme #PFW

AHH Hermès! My all-time favorite luxury brand for accessories. There’s no better feeling for me than to walk into one of their boutiques and add an orange box (or two) to your collection. However, recently… I’ve decided to be a little more financially responsible (for once in my life), and have taken a spending diet. Fulfilling my Hermes addiction, I have watched their S/S 2017 menswear runway presentation. Sadly, not as fun as power shopping in their boutiques. But they definitely did not disappoint me.

If I’m being completely honest, I’m madly in love with Hermès accessories… however, I could never justify buying their clothing. Dropping 5-7k on an outfit that I will most likely ruin by permanently staining it with cranberry juice at the club… Ya, no thanks. I would much rather buy something more practical like a CDC or Birkin.

So Yes! My style has evolved, I have started to wear less and less boring preppy attire and have started to explore the different fashion available for men. However, watching this show has made me realise how much I missed the “boring” classics, As Hermès managed to take them to the next level by incorporating a cautionary yellow into the looks. After having seen the new collection, my long time ignorance was put to bed, if you style a classic garment properly, and put your own twist to it. (In this case bright yellow) You can customise it to fit your individual style. Considering the fact that I wouldn’t typically wear that kind of look, this collection has opened my eyes.

My favorite look from this show was look 27 the yellow polo and matching shorts ensemble. I also loved the leather jackets and grey trenches. BUT most of all, I was DYINGGG for the canvas and yellow leather men’s Birkin bag that I’ve been lusting to add to my collection for the summer time. Can somebody please get their hands on it for me?

Needless to say, I still don’t think I will be splurging on Hermès clothing anytime soon (Accessories? YESS)… But this show definitely did inspire me to start incorporating some more classics menswear pieces and some more yellows into my collection.

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