Are Hermès birkin bags worth the money ? – TUXEDOSERGIO

October 2017 was single handedly one of the worst months of my life.  I truly lost count of all the horrible things happened to me that month. My life felt like it was sprialing completely out of control…

I took a few days to myself, and finally got back on my feet. Thankfully, I felt like a million bucks again…This was the first and only moment of happiness that I felt all month…I decided to do something crazy. I purchase my first Hermès Birkin bag. I told myself I wouldn’t buy a birkin until I hit a huge milestone in my life. A Birkin bag is the epitome power and hardwork. It took every ounce of power and hardwork I had in my soul to rise above what had happened to me that month. I really felt like I deserved to finally my own Birkin.

I purchased this baby on which is a highly trusted second hand luxury retailer.  If you don’t want to wait around for 5 years at the Hermès boutique like me. You can pay a premium, and get the bag of your dreams in right away. I had no interest to spend tens of thousands of dollars on other Random Hermès products…only to be offered a birkin I probably wouldn’t have liked anyway.  I got the bags of my dreams right away.

Now that I own a Birkin, The million dollar question is; Are Hermès birkin bags actually worth the money ? I have been using this bag for 3 months now and  have been absolutely OBSESSED. This bag was the best purchase I ever made. Not only is this bag a great asset to have as the prices are always increasing. But this bag has a lot of sentimantal value to me. I’ve wanted it for almost 5 years now and finally own one! There are cheaper luxury bags out there. But nothing compares to a Birkin.

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