Hendrixroe Taking Canadian Fashion to Another Level ?

Considering the fact that Jordan Erin Mckay, Creative director of Hendrixroe is one of my best friends and her designs are some of the best in the industry …Seeing her rapid rise of success over the course over the two years i’ve known her, is double as rewarding for me.

Two fashion shows at TOM* – Toronto Men’s Fashion Week, and two standing ovations later.. Hendrixroe closed the 5th season of TOM*FW. But, If that wasn’t crazy enough for you… She also showed her new Woman’s line 3 days later for the closing day of Toronto Woman’s Fashion Week. #NoBigDealRight?!

Being the only designer in Toronto showing both at Men’s and Woman’s fashion week, it’s no surprise that both of the shows were very highly anticipated and a HUGE success! The metallic jackets! The floor length fringe jackets! The velvets! and the gowns! The cashmere tracksuits! BUT THAT NOT THE BEST PART PEOPLE!

I loved how the show told a story everything went hand and hand from the start… The model ripping the beaded gown in the intro video literally made me gasp! But then seeing the model strutting down the runway holding the ripped gown in her hands…was my absolute favorite part of the entire show!

I absolutely loved the metallic green jacket from the Hendrixroe men’s show. But my favourite piece from both shows has to be hands down the leather ball gown!

All and all, both Hendrixroe shows were absolutely amazing and they turn out to be completely out of this world! Huge congratulations to Jordan for another successful season!

Mark my words, the Hendrixroe brand is going to rise to the top faster than you think. (and she’s pretty much already there.) 

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