OH MY GODNESSSS!  Another amazing and unforgettable season of TOM*FW Toronto Men’s fashion week is officially over. This season was one for the book. Mainly due to the fact that one of my favorite designers (and best friend) Jordan Mckay from Hendrixroe was making her official TOM*FW runway debut. YASSS!

If you’ve been following my journey, you would know that I’ve been working with Hendrixroe on a regular basis now for a few months and strongly encouraged creative director Jordan Mckay and Raindbow Sun Farncks to join TOM*FW as I knew it would be the perfect platform to showcase the new Hendrixroe F/W 2016 menswear collection. AND, with a little persistence and luck. It all worked out and TOM*FW was happening!!!

 I wanted to first point out that…This fashion show for me, was like unlike any other. I chatted with Jordan almost every day leading up TOM* and I knew how much blood, sweat and tears went into the collection prior to even watching it. But keep in mind. I did not know what I was expecting. My first time seeing the clothing was on the runway. Like everyone else.

I don’t know what happened….If it was the music, the clothing or the rock and roll models. But to this day, I have never in my life seen such positive reactions. DURING a show before.  I found myself literally gasping for air on multiple occasions. And quite frankly,  I don’t think i can even choose a favorite from this collection. I found myself coveting each item look after look.

From the front row to the 8th row, people were loving this collection and vocalised it. From the cashmere track suits, to the scarfs, to the mink fur collars, to the buttery lambskin  jackets. Everything came together beautifully and I knew I had needed more Hendrixroe in my life.

As the show came to a close and the final walk was over. Jordan and Rainbow walked out. and a standing ovation happened.  I’m usually not an emotional person. But I was honestly lost for words. Not only was this an amazing show. But a huge milestone for the Hendrixroe brand.

I’m still to this day incredibly proud of Hendrixroe success this first time around at TOM*FW. Hard work and talent definitely led to greatness.

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