#MakeAPromise – Louis Vuitton X Unicef – My Flashy Fashion Statement

It’s been a while…A long while (Almost two months now)…Since I’ve posted anything on Tuxedosergio.com…Yes… Life has been insane for me. I started a new semester at school, I got a new job, and now have a circle of friends. This is the happiest I’ve been in a while and do not regret my decision to back away a little. But have no fear IM BACK , and 2017 is going to insanely amazing!

I wanted to return to the Toronto fashion scene with a BANG! Last week, Louis Vuitton hosted their annual #MakeAPromise event for Unicef supporting the children of the world that are often at risk due to exposure of conflicts, disease and natural disasters. I decided, I not only wanted to make a difference, but I also wanted to start the year off with a major fashion statement.

In my experience, You can achieve that in two ways…

1) Attend the event almost naked like Rose McGowan’s at the MTV award circa 1998

2) Bring your A game with an eye catching outfit

Considering the fact that this was a charity event.. I decided to have a little bit more class and not show up like Kenya Moore at Nene Leaks Shoedazzle event in 2014. #GURLHOWYOUDOING Instead, I opted to wear my velvet embroider Saint Laurent bomber and my new Swarovski Christian Louboutin’s.

I finally bit the bullet and got them! I’ve lusted to owning a pair of  their Swarovski crystal sneakers for a while… But always hesitated because of the price. Seriously, you can buy 5 pairs of Louboutin for the price of these bad boys. But I just finally did it,  purchased them, and I’m not looking. I knew I wouldn’t regret this decision…and I don’t!  They have been worth every single penny.

Since the blazer and shoes had a ton of gleam and shine to them..I decided to tone down the rest of the outfit by adding some solid black classics to the mix, and a black vegan leather Stella McCartney pouch. The night ended up being such a success and a very memorable start to the year. 

It has seriously put me back in such a great mood and I owe thanks to my friend Alexie for having such an incredible night.

If you would like to donate to Unicef and receive one of the jewelry from Louis Vuitton click the link and shop! http://ca.louisvuitton.com/eng-ca/lv-for-unicef/lv-for-unicef#/home

Until next time!

– Sergio

Photo credit – George Pimental

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