The Real Housewives of Toronto – Premier Party and Episode 1 Recap 

One word! WOW! What an incredible season premier for The Real Housewives of Toronto. We finally have our on Housewives franchise! How crazy is that ? I’m overjoyed with excitement for all the ladies in the cast! Their lives are going to change forever! Some will change for the better …and some for the worst.

Regardeless, In true housewives glamour, the first episode started off with a procedure party at the SOHO Metropolitan hotel penthouse hosted by Ann Kaplan wife to plastic surgeon Dr.Steven Mulholland.

From face hickeys to passive aggressive digs at Grego, It’s clear that Kara Alloway started off the series on a bad foot, showing the audience her true colours right away. It’s really disappointing to me too see a so called “Christian Jesus Freak” be SOOO judgmental of the other woman right off the bat. “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.” Matthew7:1  is a passage of the bible Kara must have skipped… The unfortunate reality is that her behaviour is probably going to get much worse in the coming episodes…Seeing how Jody Claman life got destroyed after Vancouver Housewives… I wish this woman luck. The damage is done….Jesus is the only one that can help her at this point.

On the bright side, I’m so glad to see Joan, Jana and Grego staying true to each other, and keeping a united bond. Considering the back stabbing nature of this show…You can tell that they have been good friends for MANY MANY years and that these friendships aren’t a superficial and a way to use each other social climb… Their genuine friendships. Bravo ladies for staying true to yourself!

On another note, Can we please take a moment to acknowledge how funny yet very fabulous it was when Roxy crashed her “cash money green” Mercedes into the curb, then casually started strutting down the street of Yorkville in her high low pink silk skirt with her golden doddle Lola?! Knowing Roxy on a personal level prior to her filming this series, I can vouch that she has always been a very kind and down to earth individual looking to inspire others. In my case, Roxy has inspired me to stop my shopping sprees at Hermès and start investing in Snapchat stocks. 

However, I must give the comedian award to Grego for this episode.. Her interviews responses to Kara’s behaviour had me ROTFL.

“My first impression of Kara….Well.. She talks A LOT!.”

“Kara seems…ya.. CONSERVATIVE!”

“It’s just a bit of blood…Come on!” 

I’m still laughing! 

The season seems very promising and the trailer doesn’t disappoint!

Don’t forget to tune in next week for the second next episode of The Real housewives of Toronto on Tuesday, March 14th at 10pm on Slice!