End Of Summer Bitterness – OOTD

It’s easy to forget your troubles when the weather is warm. But all it takes is a one fall breeze to blow you right back into reality. Summer has been incredible and thankfully drama free. But recently, as fall hits our beautiful city of Toronto… so does everyone’s end of summer depression and bitchiness. Winter is coming and nobody is too happy about that! As you can imagine, I don’t know how deal with this well…

The best way to make myself feel like a million bucks again, and help myself forget about the drama and cold winter that awaits, is to rise above it all and wear beautiful clothing. Regardless of the threats, fights and late night text wars everything is quickly forgotten as I slip on my favorite Prada leather combat boots, Cashmere Rick Owens cape and Dries Van Noten leather jacket. UGH YAAS! Fashion is that best friend that will always make me happy!!! This outfit was inspired by the matrix with a hint of thanksgiving with my burnt orange COS T-shirt under all the Parisian goodness. There’s nothing more satisfying and uplifting for me. I’m ready! Haha no but seriously, shooting this ootd put me back into such a great mood again. I’m ready to conquer the world and maybe find some new friends that will support me along my journey? 😉 

I have so many huge project, exciting collaborations and trips planned in the next couple months. You guys seriously are not ready for the level I’m taking my personal brand. I’m in such a happy place in my life. Success will be my revenge… so get ready everyone huge news is coming your way very soon. Cannot wait to share with you when the time is right!

In the words of Anna Dello Russo #FASHIONIsMyAlphabet

Until next time.

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