7.2 Million dollars spent on the Hendrixroe show ? – Toronto Fashion Week

Hendrixroe clothing may always look and fit like a million bucks. But this season, she quite literally raised the bar about million times… or 7.2 million times to be exact. By having both the male and female models dripping in fine jewellery courtesy of Mark Lash.

My 3 years in the Toronto fashion industry, this was the first time I ever attended a fashion show where a brand was able to pull off this magnitude of sparkle on the runway.

The sparkle of the Mark Lash diamonds paired with gorgeous neon Hendrixroe silks, Victoria secret worthy hair, and make up topped up with sunglasses from blank and blue by Alexander Liang’s. There is no doubt all the models looked like barbie and ken!

Barbie and Ken seem to be the ultimate pairing, as Hendrixroe really focused on gender fluidity this season. For the most part, All the looks in both shows can be worn by both genders. If that wasn’t fabulous enough for you, this seasons collection raised the bar even more, by including matching men’s and woman’s outfits. OK! BUT HOLD ON ONE SECOND! I’m not talking about a ratchet boyfriend and girlfriend goes to NYC so lets get matching t-shit kind of vibe… I’m talking gorgeous hand tie-dyed matching silk outfits people, matching outfits the left the crowed (and myself) in AWE!

Until next season Hendrixroe,