36 Hours In New York City – #DOMINICKNYFW

New York is the city that never sleeps, Not sleeping is actually quite common if you have ever planned a international fashion week like NYFW. Considering the fact that I’ve done 4 fashion weeks in NYC now, staying at a convenient and reliable hotel is an absolute must to ensure your fashion week is stress free and #FABULOUS! 

SOHO is my absolute favourite neighbourhood in NYC. Affordable and high-end boutiques, fancy chain stores and high-end art galleries. This area caters to all demographics and the cobblestone streets and cast-iron facades will take your heart away! Naturally, The Dominick hotel in Soho is the only place I recommend staying at during NYFW.  

The Dominick hotel Is less than 3 min walking distance from all my NYFW favourites including Bens Pizza, La Durée Soho, Chipriani Downtown and of course the Chanel and Alexander Wang boutiques. Keeping in mind, A majority of the fashion week shows do take place at Spring Studios, which is also right down the street from the Dominick Hotel. You save yourself a ton of time and stress not being stuck in traffic trying to make it to your shows. But if you happen to have a show uptown or in another area. I recommend hopping onto the subway at Spring studios which based on my experience has been more reliable than NYC Taxis.

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Until next time NYC! 


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