3.Paradis – Post Dystopia 0.5

OK, OK! I know I sounds like I play favorites with each designer that I’ve been blogging about recently….But if i’m being completely honest with you. When it comes to wearable clothing that fits my everyday personal style esthetic… 3.Paradis is a brand that has yet to disappoint me. 3 collections and seasons of shows later I found myself sill coveting multiple look (if not everything) from past and current collections.

Simplistic, Edgy, Luxuriously high quality garments are 3 of things that are a must for me. and when you are Incorporating all into a ready to wear brand? How can you honestly go wrong? Someone please grab a mic and tell me! hahah

This season, 3.Paradis kept it clean with their iconic Varsity and Bomber jackets. But, With an edge of course! Electric orange, & hues of blue and their lave print design incorporated with their neutral and black pieces.  Unexpected. But it all worked! Unlike other street wear brands. 3.Paradis has been known to pride themselves in attention detail and tailoring. Setting them apart from the other cookie cutter street wear brands that we have learned to love. (Shhh, the shade is real!!) After the show was over, I was given the opportunity to meet and speak with both designers. And, Got some exclusive background information on the brand as well as their inspiration for the collection. This was one of my most anticipated and favorite show of the week. Another great season and successful collection Congratulations 3.Paradis!


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