TOP 3 best dressed for the 2016 IHEARTRADIO MMVA’s

Summer in the city kicked off with none other than Queen street west’s biggest and most anticipated red carpet event of the year!!! The IHeartRadio Much Music video awards. Celebrities from across the globe came to celebrate the annual Canadian video award show for the year’s best music videos. As with every major award show or gala, comes with a mega red carpet and some epic ensembles. This year the MMVA’s did not disappoint. Here are my top 3 picks for the 2016 MMVAS red carpet best dress.

NICK JONAS wearing DSquared2– Funny enough, The night before the MMVA’s, Nick Jonas was seated beside some of my friends and I in the VIP at Muzik Beach night club. We must have failed to mention to him that night that Canada doesn’t start getting cold until mid October.  Hunnie! Suede shoes and a thick b0mber is fall attire. But regardless of the timing. This ended up being my favorite menswear red carpet look of the nigth.

Maripier Morin wearing Fusto Puglisi –  Not only was she one of the best dressed ladies (If not the best overall) I was absolutely living and dying for lilac look. She is also one of the most genuine humans on this earth! No,I didn’t speak with her on MMVAS night. But,I had a chance to chat Maripier star on hockey wives at the CAFA awards. Seriously. She makes walking a red carpet look effortless! Absolutely love this look!

Gigi Hadid wearing Mugler – YAS GIGI YAS! Not only was Gigi Hadid hosting the awards. She (literaly) STOLE the show wearing this gorgeous crimson Mugler jumpsuit. Let’s be real here for a second… Can Gigi really wear anything that doesn’t look stunning on her ? The answer is NO! But I must say, I’m disappointed she didn’t wear Canadian since she was HOSTING the event. But,  Regardless this looked incredible on her! #YASGIGIYAS

These are my top three red carpet picks for the IHeartRadio Much Music video awards 2016. This year definitely did not disappoint! I’m looking forward to watching all of you next year and cannot wait to be apart of the experience again.  

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