House of DALLA F/W 2016

All I have to say is …WOW! Another AMAZING collection by internationally recognized and  my long time favorite menswear designer House of DallaNo! HATERS! No!I’m not just saying that because I’m hopping on the bandwagon after the recent gaining in popularity with A list celebrity’s…But, I’ve actually been following my friend and creative director Hussein’s work prior to even having a blog for about two years now. If you follow Canadian menswear, you would know that Hussein Dhalla the founder of House of Dalla recently re-branded from previously know ready to wear menswear line HD Homme. and, in my opinion, It was the best decision he took. The recent re-branding not only allowed for a fresh take on the brand. But generated LOAD’s of media attention and demand internationally. The Weeknd, Nick Bateman, Lamar Taylor, Kardinal Official, Vinay Virmani & Fito Blanko  are all big supporters of the brand and have been seen countless times rocking and supporting the line. and, this collection…was the perfect example of why the brand attracts hundreds of people to the show each season. The fur! The leather! The crystals! The music! The visuals.  Can I get a YASSS? Obviously, You won’t be seeing someone carrying a sword down the red carpet (Well, I hope not at least or somebody call security lol). But to me, Fashion is about taking individual pieces from a collection and making it work with your lifestyle. That’s exactly what I took from this line. and that’s exactly what I’m going to do when i do decided to start rocking Dalla . I’m so proud that House of Dalla is continually putting Canadiens mens fashion on the map and helping our country gain the much deserved popularity that we have long deserved.

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