Are Hermès birkin bags worth the money ? – TUXEDOSERGIO

October 2017 was single handedly one of the worst months of my life.  I truly lost count of all the horrible things happened to me that month. My life felt like it was sprialing completely out of control…

I took a few days to myself, and finally got back on my feet. Thankfully, I felt like a million bucks again…This was the first and only moment of happiness that I felt all month…I decided to do something crazy. I purchase my first Hermès Birkin bag. I told myself I wouldn’t buy a birkin until I hit a huge milestone in my life. A Birkin bag is the epitome power and hardwork. It took every ounce of power and hardwork I had in my soul to rise above what had happened to me that month. I really felt like I deserved to finally my own Birkin.

I purchased this baby on which is a highly trusted second hand luxury retailer.  If you don’t want to wait around for 5 years at the Hermès boutique like me. You can pay a premium, and get the bag of your dreams in right away. I had no interest to spend tens of thousands of dollars on other Random Hermès products…only to be offered a birkin I probably wouldn’t have liked anyway.  I got the bags of my dreams right away.

Now that I own a Birkin, The million dollar question is; Are Hermès birkin bags actually worth the money ? I have been using this bag for 3 months now and  have been absolutely OBSESSED. This bag was the best purchase I ever made. Not only is this bag a great asset to have as the prices are always increasing. But this bag has a lot of sentimantal value to me. I’ve wanted it for almost 5 years now and finally own one! There are cheaper luxury bags out there. But nothing compares to a Birkin.

A NEW ERA OF CAVALLI – Meeting Paul Surrige in NYC

Ah! CAVALLI! One of my all-time favourite luxury brands EVER. You can imagine my excitement when I was one of 20 people invited to attend a private fashion show hosted by none other than the new creative director Paul Surrige. Flying into NYC the morning before, I was super excited to meet the entire Cavalli team that graced me with open arms. The event was hosted on the second floor of the Cavalli Madison Avenue boutique, where Paul showcased his top picks from his recent Spring/Summer 2018 one by one. Following the fashion show we had the absolute most YUMMY dinner prepared by chef Scott Conant’s in his private studio. Served on Cavalli China of course!

With that being said, I’m working on a very exciting project with Cavalli people! Everybody stay tuned.

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My visit to the LAB SERIES HQ in NYC – Estee Lauder Company

Directly off my 6:30 am flight, and straight to the Estee Lauder corporate offices I went!  Can anybody give me a high five for a productive for a Monday morning? I was SUPER excited to be invited out to visit their NYC head office in the flat iron district.

Having been such a huge fan of Lab Series products ever since my trip to Miami in April 2017.

I honestly cannot live without their age rescue water charged gel cream infused with ginseng. But I’m also  pretty much love everything else too!

If you followed me on Instagram you would have seen the shenanigans that went down to make sure we got the perfect shot. It was #SoWorthIt just take a look at these epic pictures!

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