ZANG TOI – Ready to Wear – Spring/Summer 2018 NYFW

I finsihed off my S/S New York Fashion week season with none other than The Zang Toi show! Zang Toi being one of the official designers on closing day of NYFW, I was not only honoured but super excited to be invited personally by the designer to attend this show.  There was no lack of socialites at Zang Toi’s New York Fashion Week show. Sitting across from me was Donald Trump’s first wife Ivana Trump,  David Foster and singer Patty LaBelle. It was quite an impressive audience, I must say! It was evident that Toi truly knows his customer and has build loyal relationships with everybody seated in his front row. This seasons show was breathtaking! Fabulous emerald silks, and perfectly tailored gowns ready to be worn on a hot summer day shopping in Capri or having lunch in Portofino. My favourite and by far the most spectacular pieces for this show were the emerald green deep cut silk strapless gown with black bottom half.  The slick back ponytails definitely elevated the looks and drew gasps from the crowd as each model strutted down the catwalk.

Following the show, We headed backstage……. Where I had one of those  O!M!G! Fashion Week Sparkly Moments!! You know a moment so fabulous that it makes your whole body sparkle? Well, I sparkled! Backstage, Pattie LaBelle grabbed me, and said “I adored me and just wanted to let you know I was staring at u the entire show! I loves my style.” She said this to me with only a few seconds to respond to her as her security pulled her away! Crazy right ? This is one of the reasons why I love you New York!

Until next time, I will see you all again in February!


NAEEM KHAN – Ready to Wear – Spring/Summer 2018 NYFW

Oh! The drama! One of my favourite designers (ever!) Naeem Khan has raised the bar yet again with yet another super glamorous fashion show. I have been in love with Naeem’s work for a very long time! But have truly fallen in love with his work during his last S/S runway show at NYFW. This season, I had a tons of uber glamours projects and events  lined up for fashion week, but this was without a doubt my most anticipated show of my NYC trip. Seated in the front row was none other than actress Shay Mitchell, along with stars like Paula Abdoul, Kristen Cavallari and Payton List. Can you say epic FROW anybody ?

As the fog machines, and pounding music began, the first look was released.  Flowers incorporated in the haute couture worthy hair styles made for the perfect dichotomy, as these edgy hair styles mixed in perfectly with the delicate laces, and crystal fabrics from the ready to wear pieces. I love crystals and lace just as much as anybody. But fringe is my absolute favorite (If done correctly). Naeem understands my fringe obsession, and I was super happy to have seen him incorporate it in his last three runway collections. As you can expect, There was no shortage of fringe in this year’s show, and you guessed it. All my favourite looks this season just happened to have fringe… Shocker right?

I will be eagerly waiting to see what Naeem has up his sleeve for F/W 2018.

Until next time,


JOHN PAUL ATAKER – Ready to Wear – Spring/Summer 2018 NYFW

Flying directly from Toronto to NYC for Fashion week at 6:30am in the morning and running on no sleep. I went directly from the airport to the John Paul Atker show, I felt like a straight up zombie. I was running on no sleep and just finished hosting a booze filled party earlier in the day…

With all this considered I know my short term suffering would be worth it in the long term as Two of my favourite models Joan Smalls and Karlie Kloss were both walking in the show as well as a killer line up for the front row I know this show would not disappoint.

Arriving to the show at Clarkson Square, I realized that my seat was right across from former Real Housewives of New York stars Kristen tatement and current cast member Dorinda Medly. Myself, Having been a part of The Real Housewives of Toronto Season 1. I was so glad to housewives from another city supporting local talent and we snapped a quick FROW pick together.

The show had no shortage of fabulous! Luxury fabrics tailored to perfections with the touch of the perfect gold pieces and gold accents. Think Greek goddess fabulous! But way more luxurious! This was another level of glam and the perfect way to start the week. It was definitely one of my highlights of the week.

Until next season,