How To Survive Muskoka 101

Muskoka? YASS!!  Having been raised a city boy, I have not seen the lakes in almost 12 years… I had no idea what the hell to expect, and after having spent a few days relaxing (and partying) on lake Joe. I can truly say I’ve been totally missing out for all these year! It was the perfect timing, as I also got to attend my dear friend Joan Walker’s annual dock party for the first time too… As relaxing and as glam as Muskoka can be…There’s a few things everybody should know to save themselves some hassle.

YOU MUST – Plan in advance. 

I think everyone is aware that Canada has the most bi-polar weather in the world. We only have about 8-10 warm weekends of pure sunshine to enjoy. With that said, People from  all over Canada  around the world plan around and book these weeks far in advance…So.. If you think you will score a cottage or hotel room last minute YOU. ARE. WRONG. Especitally for the summer long weekends!

Planning, and booking in advance is essential, and you should always have a back up plan. You never want to be scrambling to find a place to stay…Trust me, You do not want to be that annoying friend who asks to stay at a friend’s or family members cottage last minute…And of course, I’m guilty of that as my initial plans fell through last minute. This was truly #NotAGoodLook!


Ok. Well, don’t actually leave them at home. But Jesus! If you take any advice from this blog post this would be the one thing I stress the most! I think Muskoka put a ban on card terminals. Being somebody who never carries cash. I was in-convinced so many times, and not knowing what a huge hassle this would cause me.

If you plan on partying or drinking… Trying to find Ubers in Muskoka is literally like trying to get a crocodile Birkin at Hermès. They are never available. The only other option is to take a cab.. and, There is only two cab companies Muskoka… and both companies don’t accept credit card or debit. Do you see how annoying this can be? Imagine being at a party, and having your buzz killed by not knowing how the hell to get back to your friends cottage or hotel in the middle of the night because you don’t have cash. Don’t make the same mistakes as me. ALWAYS. BRING. CASH.

Be ready to wait …

Going back to the topic of cabs, don’t expect cab life in Muskoka to be like cab life in city life. When you order a cab in Muskoka, I can take 30min-1h for the cab to come a pick you up. Plan Accordingly and be ready to wait! Same this goes for the drive up, and back down also, as cottage country traffic is usually brutal.

Relax and Enjoy the fresh air! 

Muskoka is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and you will have the most incredible time and return feeling refreshed! Regardless, if you are going to Muskoka to have relaxing holiday …or if you plan on getting wild at an X rated party. Just remember to pack accordingly to the weather that week and …for the love of god bring cash with you.

Until Next time Muskoka!

LOUIS VUITTON – Tambour Horizon Toronto Launch Party

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BagHermès ‘her bag

The “Smart Watch” trend has taken the luxury fashion world by storm in the last year. Since Apple announced the Hermès x Apple Smart watch.. International luxury brands have joined the bandwagon. I truly belive smart watches aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Tag Heuer, Michael Kors… and most recently Louis Vuitton?! Oh YES! This week, Louis Vuitton invited me to their flagship boutique in Toronto, along with a select group of individuals got to have a hands on look at the watch. Before having it released to the general public the next day.

The Tambour horizon, watch is the newest addition to Louis Vuitton family, and is single handedly now the most luxurious smart watches on the market. The starting price of the Tambour is  $3150, and going all the way up to $3850. Meaning, the entry level Louis Vuitton smart watch is still much more expensive than the highest ticketed from any other brand. This was a very smart move on Louis Vuitton, they have raised the bar for by creating a more “unattainable” time piece.

But if the exclusivity didn’t sell you on the piece, Louis Vuitton even took it one step further by offering over 60 interchangeable strap and customizable watch faces. Think of this watch as your ultimate travel sidekick, 24 time zones, weather details, temperatures, step counter. You name it! But my favourite feature of all you might ask? They have a dedicated application for City Guides. This allows you to quickly find the best of the best in seconds, if you are jetting off to a new city last minute. Now unless Rolex or Audmars Piguet happen to release a smart watch in the near future… This piece is definitely on the top of my wishlist. 

If you are interested in learning more about the *New Louis Vuitton smart watch click here

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My event at VERSACE! – TuxedosergioxVERSACE

VERSACE, VERSACE Medusa head on me like I’m ‘Luminati!

Ok well, Just don’t mind the Drake reference but …..HELLO VERSACE!  Last month, VERSACE approached me to collaborate with them and work with, I took this amazing opportunity not only to work with my favorite international Italian fashion label, but also to create a killer fashion event from scratch. Having filmed The Real Housewives of last summer, and knowing how involved my dear friend Joan Kelly Walker was with World Vision charity. I decided to invite her on board to help me make this a charity event (and a success!) Working along side The Versace Corp team in NYC, the World Vision team, and the staff at Versace Yorkdale boutique.We flew in one of a kind runway pieces from New York for the evening, and had multiple representatives from Versace NYC in attendance. We hosted over 150 guests, and had massive line ups at the cash register!! It was a HUGE SUCCESS! We sold tens of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. Exact number sold and donated to world vision cannot be released yet as there is still an opportunity to donate and shop!
Until Sunday June 17th everyone referred by myself or Joan will receive 10% off everything in the store and 10% of the sale will be donated to World vision! This is you chance to shop, save money and donate to a great cause!

Until next time,

Photos by @Msmdsouza